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PrimeLabs Testing and Screening
Accurate. Trusted. Confidential.

About the Company...

PrimeLabs Testing and Screening is a well-equipped drug testing and screening facility that offers a broad spectrum of services to individuals, employers, government and staffing agencies. We also provide accounts receivable management for healthcare facilities.


PrimeLabs Testing and Screening was established to provide accurate drug testing, screening, and consultation services to a broad category of clients. Services provided are vital across several sectors, extending to employment, forensic analysis, uncovering, investigating, medical profiling, and providing credible information that helps recruitment, employers and government agencies make their decision.

Here at PrimeLabs Testing and Screening, our services/drug test screenings entails hair specimen collection, urine specimen collection, oral/saliva specimen collection, breath alcohol test screening, DNA testing, DOT, and Non-DOT drug screening; also includes background checks and fingerprinting services for pre-employment purposes. Additionally, we have extended our assistance to other areas such as notary, consulting, and printing services.

As such, drug tests and screenings can only be done correctly by an expert with the best equipment. PrimeLabs Testing and Screening stands out in this regard. Visit us for all your drug testing, screening, and business needs; we are certain to provide interpretation for the test results.

Our test laboratory is sufficiently equipped with sophisticated technology that facilitates performing laboratory tests on bodily fluids, and so on. Through the use of top-notch innovative equipment, we carry out comprehensive testing that includes DOT testing, non-DOT testing, DNA testing, employment screening, Post-accident drug testing, Onsite Instant Drug Screening, and lots more. We only use SAMHSA-certified labs and all of our laboratory-based testing is signed off by an MRO (Medical Review Officer). Our drug testing centers are here to provide you with the highest quality testing for all major drugs, as well as any less common drugs you may need testing for. Whether you are seeking pre-employment screening services or you are needing court-ordered tests, we are here to serve you. Our SAMHSA-certified labs follow proper protocols and procedures to ensure that all of our tests are valid.  Also offering services to ensure that you are in compliance with the Department of Transportation, specifically DOT 5-panel urine tests and breath-alcohol testing.

PrimeLabs Testing and Screening is committed to providing you with accurate, reliable and fast results to help you make informed hiring decisions. Our drug screening solutions simplify collections and provide you with fast, accurate results to promote a safe, secure and productive drug-free workplace. 

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